New Ad Campaign Concept for Patak’s Curry Sauce

This is a part of a concept for an advertising campaign for Patak’s Curry Sauce: a kiosk, signs for a supermarket, a bag and a billboard ad.

The main slogan for this campaign is „curry on!“, which expresses how easy and fast Patak is to use. It should address mostly young people who don‘t have much time for cooking but like exotic food and don‘t want to eat unhealthy fast food.

The first picture shows an idea for a real kiosk, where people can order Patak meals to eat there or take away.

The second example shows how one type of signs in a supermarket could look like. It consists of foot prints saying „curry on!“, that are meant to be placed on the floor of a supermarket and lead the way to the shelf where the Patak’s products can be found. It can also be used outside of the supermarket, leading the way to the kiosk or other places that sell Patak’s products.

The next image shows a bag that people could get when buying Patak food. The design is simple and is supposed to motivate customers to use the bag in their everyday life.

The last example is an idea for a billboard ad. It shows some plain food, in this case rice, saying „curry me!“. This way the recipient should be convinced that the only thing they need to do to make good food is to add some Patak’s Curry Sauce to it.

Message Objectives

The main goal of this campaign is to increase the brand’s marketshare by improving the brand recognition, while shifting the brand‘s image from an old to a younger and „cooler“ one. The message strategy we are using is mostly soft-sell, as we try to convince the recipient by positive feelings and making them realize that Patak‘s products make their lives easier. It is accompanied by hard-sell facts, like giving information about the most relevant features. The facets model below explains the strategy of our message in more detail, while the focus lies on the aspects of Perception, Persuasion and Action.



As we want to increase the marketshare and are introducing the product to a new and younger target group, building awareness and getting attention is one of the main aspects of our campaign. We do this by using a new style of advertising, that is focusing on young people and is present in various types of media. By presenting the main features of Patak’s Curry Sauce in a fresh and young way, we want our target group to perceive the product as a cool must-have for home cooking.


To help potential customers with remembering the brand and making up their mind about buying the products, we want to make the audience understand how fast, easy and tasty it is to cook with Patak’s Curry Sauce. By defining Patak as a „cool“ brand we also differentiate the brand from the competition. This all is done very indirectly, the consumer will understand this message by watching our commercials and looking at other advertising — we do not directly talk about facts as they are obvious, especially with the slogan „curry on“ which indicates how fast and simple, cool and good it is.


As emotions are very useful to help the audience to make a decision, we want to make them react to our campaign with a good and happy feeling. We want them to become curious about Indian food and feel pleased to learn that cooking it can be so easy. We achieve this by showing the recipient happy and colorful scenes, simpleness and some playful exaggeration, like the young man with four arms in the TV and print/outdoor ads.


We want the people to change their view on Patak, to start recognizing and buying it, so we need to convince them that Patak is exactly what they are craving for when cooking at home. We need to convince them of the benefits they will have when cooking with Patak, and that it is a „cool“ brand to use. This is achieved by exaggerating the features of simpleness and speed in a playful way, especially in the print and TV ads, and with the kiosk. The slogan „curry on!“ also helps with this, as it indicates that, however busy you are and whatever you‘re doing, you can just have a short break for food and carry on.


To help the customers to remember and recognize the brand, the campaign will make the recipients associate the brand with the product, along with positive feelings like simplicity and happiness. By showing the recipients a young and busy, but skilled person in the print ads and the TV commercial, we connect the brand to the new young target group we want to reach.


Changing the people‘s behavior and making them act is the final goal of this campaign. We want to make the audience realize that Patak is the perfect brand for their cooking, to go to the supermarket and buy it. We want them to choose Patak and Indian food above competitors and, for example, Chinese or Italian food and make them recommend Patak at school, to friends and in their office.

Patak Identity Prism



Patak is a brand of Indian sauces for home cooking. It helps the customer at cooking tasty Indian meals without much effort. It’s an orange cream in small glasses with colorful cap and label.


Patak is an exotic and experienced Indian family that would like to share their food with the rest of the world.


Like the Indian culture, the family and community are the most important things for Patak.


The Relationship between Patak and its customers is like a helping hand: Patak makes it possible for students to cook something different without the need of a lot of cooking experience, time or money.


Patak stands for exotic food, simplicity and a modern lifestyle.


Patak consumers think they are diferent, exotic, creative, dynamic, busy and have a good taste.


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